COVID-19 Price and Tour Alteration Notice

We would like to update you on some changes we have made to get through this current and very unique, difficult period.  These changes will not only provide some reassurances to you when you come out on a tour with us, but hopefully, also stimulate a positive outcome for our industry and the future of Tourism in Australia.

We have also updated our vessels safety manual and our new policy of sanitisation and risk management is to provide the highest possible level of protection to you, our valued guests, as well as myself (If I was to get sick then I would not get the opportunity to meet you and show you why I love the Whitsundays so much). 

Our guest briefing will include discussing the prior preparation we go through before you come aboard as well as providing you with hand sanitiser, disinfectant wipes and also our own supply of toilet paper for use ashore at national park facilities, just in case there is none available. 

We have a mandatory Covid-19 Declaration that is required to be completed as well as a non-intrusive thermometer which we may use to check your temperature.

Our Snorkel Cleaning and Sanitisation Policy also includes the removal of mouthpieces from snorkels, so they may be additionally sterilised - these will be provided as a separate component to you, to fit onto your snorkel on the day.

Finally, for the period of June to September 2020,  our vessel “Paradise Explorer” will only be available for private, exclusive use by individual groups as opposed to a shared charter, which we have sometimes done in the past.  We believe that this will provide an extra layer of protection to our valued guests, because you will not be in close contact with any other travellers. 

It is very important that we practice minimum contact and social distancing as much as  possible. Having said that, we recognise that there will still be a large number of visitors who wish to experience the beauty of the Whitsundays and we would like to continue providing them the opportunity to receive a 'Memory of a Lifetime' with Whitsunday Paradise Explorer and our growing reputation reinforces this.

So for now, we are not providing "Shared Charters", however, we are prepared to offer a special price to you in order for couples or small groups to experience a memorable day on the water at an affordable price.

We will make "Paradise Explorer' available for a Full Day at the Half Day price ($850.00) for couples (2 persons), and then only $50.00 per person for each additional person in the group, up to 6 persons (There is no charge for children under the age of 5). 

This offer will remain in place until further notice. Our normal Full Day, private charter rate is $1,400.00.

This price will not include any morning tea or lunch due to food handling concerns that you might have, as well as current government regulations regarding food handling. We are very happy to suggest catering options to you, including any dietary requirements. You can also be assured that our catering suppliers have a very high standard of hygiene preparation. We would encourage you to deal directly with the caterer and we can provide you with a list of who we use and recommend.

We look forward to having you on board soon.

Kind regards,

John Henderson

Whitsunday Paradise Explorer