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Must-do Indigenous tour in The Whitsundays

Hop aboard a charter boat, the Whitsunday Paradise Explorer, for a guided cultural tour of Hook Island with the region's Ngaro people.

All Time High in the Whitsundays


Celebrate special dates with the Whitsunday Paradise Explorer

Video by Tanya D'Herville Photo & Video


Exploring the Whitsundays with 4 boys and a caravan
Follow 4 boys and a caravan on Facebook to keep up with their journey around Australia.

Blue Pearl Bay

Whitsunday Paradise Explorer - Let us take you to magical places like Blue Pearl Bay in the Whitsundays.

In the Middle of the Blue

It is only when you are in the middle of the Whitsunday Passage do you see how many beautiful places are within reach with Whitsunday Paradise Explorer - We can take you there!

You can see more of our videos featuring the beautiful Whitsunday Islands on our Youtube Channel.